Archangel Raziel Polish Your Wisdom to Know the Secrets of the Universe


Archangel Raziel is referred to as ‘archangel of mysteries and secrets’. Archangel Raziel is the knower of mysticism and secrets of this universe. Archangel Raziel helps people to polish their wisdom to understand the secrets of this universe, with the permission of God. You feel calmness and peace with the presence of Archangel Raziel. Archangel Raziel fetches your spiritual clarity, thereby enabling you to connect with the almighty easily.

Archangel Raziel acts as a spiritual guide and helps the person longing to connect with God to get the divine grace and tranquility.

Raziel is considered to be the closest to God. Raziel knows and tells the secrets of heaven and earth and all other divinities to those who ask him. Along with the spiritual clarity, he also fetches creativity.

Raziel is the knower of all complex phenomenon and also can help you in your subjects like understanding the quantum physics, trigonometry, astrology and other high-level subjects. Raziel also improves your psychic abilities and intuitive skills thereby developing you. He is very intelligent, loving, kind and easy to connect archangel which helps you in the manifestation of your principles.


Archangel Raziel also helps you to stay focused and take correct decisions. Raziel helps to remove away the pall which got accumulated in you so that you can be able to connect with your higher self and the almighty. Archangel Raziel creates a connection between you and the divine source. Your focus will fetch new ideas to do work and also the solutions with which you can sort out all the issues which you are facing while doing your work.

With the sense of focus, you can also analyze your working methods and see it for the faults and modify your working methodology along with quitting those habits which hamper you in progressing. Along with the creativity, you get a path that will lead to the success.

Archangel Raziel helps you to polish your wisdom from the lessons you have learnt in this life and the previous one. He transforms your experiences into meaningful lessons. Furthermore, if you made vows in this life or the previous one which is now shackling you and not allowing you to move on. Raziel helps you in this case to relieve you from the vows and proceed in your life smoothly. He also helps you to revive from the shocks and pain of post-traumatic events.

Archangel Raziel fetches you new ideas, polish your wisdom, connects you with spirituality, helps in understanding esoteric subjects, induces self-awareness, helps in manifesting your principles and supports you to break free from the hindering energies. You can also use VIBBES KADA to get all the beneficial energies of Archangel Raziel even without any long and time-consuming rituals. Use VK more and more. Click Here to read about other Archangels.


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