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Archangel Raguel commonly referred to as ‘Angel of justice and harmony’. Archangel Raguel works for the betterment of relations within humankind. Archangel Raguel helps the people to wipe out the negativity in any form such as distress, conflicts in the relationship, not getting desired respect, dangling spiritual faith, etc so that the people can enjoy life at its best. Archangel Raguel also supervises the work of other archangels.

Relationships are the part of life which add spice to life along with responsibilities. A person having relations with none may find his life miserable unless he is spiritually attached. So in ordinary cases, people need some relations like a friendship which make their life beautiful. But along with the happiness that the relation gives, responsibilities or duties to maintain those also arises. While maintaining your relationship you have to give and take several times as it is an inevitable part of any relationship.

archangel raguel symbol, archangel raguel prayer, benefits archangel raguel, archangel raguel images, top archangel raguel, archangel raguel healing, archangel raguel cards, angel of courage, angel of justice, angel of harmony,

There are many cases where there is a difference of opinion and hence the situation gets tight. Here comes the savior Archangel Raguel in action to make your bond closer with your relatives.

Archangel Raguel will help you to attract only those persons which are compatible with you and also with whom the give and take can be easily managed. Raguel brings faithful thoughts in us.

Archangel Raguel is also the archangel of justice, Raguel also holds the duty of bestowing the wishes of people or the desired output for which they are putting their efforts. Raguel also gives strength to people for fighting injustice. There are moments when we see oppression, humiliation, and corruption, etc. At those times if we call Raguel, he will direct us to build up constructive solutions rather than harming ourselves with the anger induced.

Furthermore, Raguel is also responsible for punishing those who don’t abide by the laws of nature and do something harmful to it. Some people, for their own self-interest, exploit others or commit sins. Those people then have to bear the wrath of Raguel for their ill deeds.

archangel raguel symbol, archangel raguel prayer, benefits archangel raguel, archangel raguel images, top archangel raguel, archangel raguel healing, archangel raguel cards, angel of courage, angel of justice, angel of harmony,

Being archangel of harmony, Raguel is also responsible for maintaining the composure. Archangel Raguel is the overseer, he watches all humans and also angels whether everything is working in harmony or not. And if not then he intervenes to cause stability among the perturbed ones.

Whenever you are in a middle of an argument, distressed, and you don’t see an end to it, just call Archangel Raguel to resolve all the conflicts and you will see everything back in its place. Archangel Raguel will guide you to deduce the correct possible solution for your problem. Archangel Raguel will also induce faith for the almighty in us. Archangel Raguel will console us that God is there to look and care for us and will not let any harm happen to us. With the new positive thoughts, we would definitely be able to reorganize us and live a better and happy life. You can also use VIBBES KADA to get all the beneficial energies of Archangel Raguel even without any long and time-consuming rituals. Use VK more and more. Click Here to read about other Archangels.

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Sharat Sir
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  1. How to use VK to get the energies of an Archangel? What do we request to VK? Request your divine guidance. Golden Sunrise. Gratitude to you.

  2. Sir
    I am facing severe mental harrassment from husband.I am being used as a slave bonded labourer and no right to speak in defence of me.I am being used as a Donkey overburdened and just carry my burden as master orders
    I want to come out and no way I am finding out.Struggling in life for 20 yrs.
    Please Show me way.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I am syrian catholic and never came across Archangel Raguel. I have been done lot of injustice and now I pray regularly to Archangel Raguel and my life is getting better.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. Warm Greetings to everybody

    I am very grateful to Archangel RAguel for helping me and saving my relationship from collapsing.
    I have been in a very long term relationship with my partner adel and since five months ago ,we started having problems and jealous people trying to seperate us by any means but I was scared that I will lose my partner so I prayed to Archangel Raguel and he immediately helped us and remove all obstacles that are preventing us to be together and my partner propose to marry me and we are planning our wedding so pray to ARchangel RAguel to heal your relationship,he can do miracles in your life .

    • Wow! Me too is trying to mend my relationship with my beloved… Will you please share how and what exactly you prayed to the ARCHANGEL for his intervention. I have VK too. Please guide. Regards Partha.

      • A Prayer comes from the inner heart. Just follow your inner guidance and pray to Archangel Raguel. Before pray ask your VK to manifest this prayer multifold.


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