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Air Element (Vayu Tattva) is the fundamental element to the survival of all living beings, without Air Element there is no life on the Earth. Air Element is a very active, thin and most movable element. Air Element brings life, freshness, happiness, intelligence, and mercy. Air Element is invisible but can be sensed.

Air element as the name suggests represents air. This element along with others has a great impact on our lives. To know the relation of this element in our lives, characteristics of this Air Element should be known to us. Air is the blanket all around us. Our planet is surrounded by air completely. Air exists in the gaseous form which could be humid, dry, normal or intermediate between them.

Air contains 21 % oxygen and 78 % nitrogen and the rest 1 % comprising of several gases like carbon dioxide, helium, neon, hydrogen, etc. This element is one of those inevitable parts of our lives if not present life cannot exist on earth. As the air has a balanced amount of gases, in the same way, the air element helps us to gain balance in our lives.

Vayu-tattva imparts the qualities of a gentleman. With the influence of this tattva, the person becomes courteous, polite, deferential and intuitive kind of a person. Moreover, It also induces creativity in the person. With the benevolence in attitude, the person may get the same reverence in return. And with getting regards in society, the persons lead a happy life.

air element benefits, air element for money, air element uses, air element,

This tattva is the vital force of our body.  It helps in the production of our body cells. It keeps the entire body organs healthy and active. And helps in circulation of blood throughout the body. The air element carries two things sound and touch.

The organs associated with this tattva are primarily heart and lungs. All empty spaces are filled with air and it controls breathing. Lungs oxygenate the blood which further is transported to all parts of the body to supply oxygen to each cell of the body. After imparting oxygen to body cells it gets deoxygenated and is again fed to lungs to get re-oxygenated.

Air Element is associated with attachment.

It also enhances our propensity to help and serve others. With the absence of this tattva, the person no longer feels to connect with someone. He likes to be away from others. The person who likes to be alone is usually lacking the desired amount of this tattva. Hence this tattva along with benefitting our body has also an immense impact on our personality.

To connect with the power of Air Element, find a place with clean air and breathe deeply, touch a feather or inhale the fragrance of a heavily scented flower. Let yourself experience the energy of Air Element, and reflect that we also possess Air energy within ourselves. Click and read more about other elements. Let’s make a perfect world with the help of Energy Vaatu. VIBBES SEEDER is a one-stop complete solution to help you achieve harmony at your home and workplaces.

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