Top 10 Agate Gemstones (Their Most Valuable Uses & Benefits)

Agate is a mineral of the Quartz family. It is found nearby many rivers. Agate name comes from Achetes River in Sicily where it first found. It found in many colors. This gemstone comes in many forms like banded layers on it, colorful stripes on it, some found with eye symbol and fossilized or solid single color. It found in almost every color. It is believed that each color symbolized one of our energy centers.  

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It is believed that this healing stone first discovered by Neolithic culture and they used it in their amulets and other talisman purposes. Ancient Egyptian civilizations used it as a healing stone. From them, it spread out in Africa and the eastern world than all over the world. It has a very lower intensity of frequency.

It vibrates with a very slower frequency than other gemstones. This stone calms down high tension and high stressed areas. It is an outstanding gemstone for physical and emotional balance, therefore it harmonizes masculine and feminine energy in the body. It also helps to harmonize the positive and negative forces of the universe.

Types of Agates

Agate’s world is very interesting and captivating because there are thousands of types of agates found in this world. They are found around the world and they create surprise and thrill to the planet with their abundance of color. Here I present a few most famous Agates with a little description.

Find Here Top 10 Agates Gemstones With Their Uses and Benefits

1. Fire Agate Uses and Benefits

Fire Agates are the most popular and it is well known as the spiritual flare of supreme excellence. Gemstone Fire Agates are found with iridescent hematite layers.

It is believed that they hold a great mystical world inside like a deep brown-reddish color.

This powerful healing stone enhances one’s Kundalini Power. They also help in the spiritual study as they are gems of a higher realm.

VIBBES KADA users can take Fire Agate’s energy during meditation to enhance their meditative power and state.

Fire Agate Uses Benefits
Fire Agate

2. Moss Agate Uses and Benefits

Moss Agates are a great helper for gardeners because they help to enhance agriculture growth. In the past, many priests used Moss as a healing stone for the good crop.

Many other talismans used Gemstone Moss to protect their king and used to make them a great warrior. VIBBES KADA users can send Moss Agate’s energy to their garden, crops or plants.

Moss Agate Uses Benefits
Moss Agate

3. Blue Lace Agate Uses and Benefits

Blue Lace Agates carry the most soothing and soft energies. Healing stone Blue Lace soothe mental troubles and gracefully enhance one’s positive emotions. Gemstone Blue Lace has the ability to encourage and support mental issues.

Blue Lace also soothes the nervous system and slows down a rapid heartbeat. VIBBES KADA users can take Blue Lace Agate’s energy for good mental health.

Blue Lace Agate Uses Benefits
Blue Lace Agate

4. Crazy Lace Agate Uses and Benefits

Crazy Lace Agates have to twist and turning bands on them. Gemstone Crazy Lace is a happy gem as it is called the Joyous Lace or Laughter Stone. As you know Laughter Health Benefits are Numerous therefore you can use Crazy Lace.

It is believed who wears Crazy Lace stay always in happy, dancing and joyful mood. Crazy Lace also elevates positive thoughts and promotes high cheerfulness.

Gemstone Crazy Lace creates spherical energy that motivates a positive attitude. VIBBES KADA users can give Crazy Lace Agate’s energy to their home for the most joyful environment.

Crazy Lace Agate Uses Benefits
Crazy Lace Agate

5. Dendritic Agate Uses and Benefits

Dendritic Agates are found with fern-like manganese markings. Healing stone Dendritic is known as the Stone of wealth. Gemstone Dendritic brings abundance in business and other positive areas of life.

In ancient Greek, Dendritic was buried in the fields at the time of sowing to assure a high-quality reap. VIBBES KADA users can sand Dendritic Agate’s energy to their business or shops or factory or showroom to attract more client and sale.

Dendritic Agate Uses Benefits
Dendritic Agate

6. Cellmark Agate Uses and Benefits

Cellmark Agates are found with cell or tissue type signs. Healing Cellmark can increase flexibility, help in the regeneration of cells, revives dazed frame of mind, enhances concentration, increase vital energy for tissues, increases metabolism and immune system.

Gemstone Cellmark is good for infections and skin diseases too. VIBBES KADA users can sand Cellmark Agate’s energy to all body cells and tissues very easily.

Cellmark Agate Uses Benefits
Cellmark Agate

7. Eye Agate Uses and Benefits

Eye Agates are found with eye-shaped markings on it. Healing stone Eye Agates can increase protection against evil eye. Stone Eye Agates can increase resistance, protection, and perseverance. Eye Agates also help in the face of nightmares.

Healing stone Eye Agates help to face facts. Eye Agates help in eyes inflammation, problems of the conjunctiva and retina, glaucoma, blood vessels, and prostate. VIBBES KADA users can sand Eye Agate’s energy to the aura and one’s eyes very easily.

Powerful Eye Agate Uses Benefits
Eye Agate

8. Fortification Agate Uses and Benefits

Fortification Agates are found with bladder-like markings on it, therefore they are also called Bladder Agate. It helps in the inner calm, self-control and letting go. Gemstone Fortification helps to settle down the mind and relax the body. Healing Fortification helps to determinedly apply one’s ideas and projects.

Fortification can help with bladder problems, urinary retention, and infections, incontinence, and prostate. VIBBES KADA users can sand Fortification Agate’s energy to the mind and affected body parts very easily.

Fortification Agate Uses Benefits
Fortification Agate

9. Inflammation Pink Agates Uses and Benefits

Inflammation Pink Agates are found with inflammation markings on them with a natural pink color. This pink stone helps in transformation, consolation, appeasement and renewed confidence in unpleasant situations.

This gemstone also helps in the time of difficulties. It helps in inflammation of all organs or tissues. It also enhances perspiration during fever. VIBBES KADA users can sand Inflammation Agate’s energy to the situations and inflammative body organs very easily.

Inflammation Pink Agate Uses Benefits
Inflammation Pink Agate

10. Blood Agates Uses and Benefits

Blood Agates are found in a natural red color. This Blood Stone helps to increase strength and stability. It can also increase physical stamina. This powerful Blood like stone can generate inner balance with personal abilities.

It is also used in the development and conscious usage of personal abilities. This healing stone fortifies stomach, intestine and blood vessels. It can also enhance circulation and blood flow. VIBBES KADA users can take Blood Agate’s energy very easily.

Blood Agate Uses Benefits
Blood Agate

Other Common Uses of Agates

  • Agates are one of the oldest good luck stones.
  • It helps to obtain better physical and emotional balance, raise consciousness, build self-confidence, bring prosperity and protection for children.
  • This stone helps us to have patience, brings insight to any situation, fertility, prevent miscarriages and alleviate discomfort during pregnancy.
  • It is a cooling stone used for stomach, colon, liver, spleen, kidneys.
  • It is used for centering the heart chakra.
  • They also help in maintaining blood sugar levels, dizziness, headache, and impaired balance, food issues, and lymph nodes.
  • Restores nerve feeling and healing after injury and burns.

VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic any Agate’s energies even without any ritual or hassle for you. 

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